Hand Crafted Treats

Made in USA

Our gourmet dog treats are hand made in Washington State with the highest quality human-grade ingredients.  We use absolutely no artificial ingredients, dyes, or preservatives. 100% of our dyes are derived from plants and vegetables.  All grains in our recipes are grown domestically and guaranteed GMO free!  We use absolutely no corn, soy, or wheat in any of our recipes, ensuring a high quality treat for our friends with allergies or sensitive digestive systems.


The Healthiest Pet Bakery in the USA

Family Owned and Operated

In our house there are no pets, only "fur-kids" and they are considered part of the family.  Our mission is to be the healthiest "fur-kid" bakery in the U.S. Everything we bake is with their health and happiness in mind.  Our ingredients and sources are thoroughly vetted to make sure our treats are consistent and healthy.  Our recipes are simple and our processes have been perfected over fifteen years of baking and business experience.  Paws Gourmet Bakery provides trust and confidence with every treat!


Local Philosophy

Customer Service Focused

We know that small businesses are the backbone of America.  That is why we only sell our products to other small businesses dedicated to providing the healthiest pet treats across the U.S. (or direct to consumers if you have no store in your area).  You will never find our treats in any mass market.  We employ that same local philosophy to the sourcing of our ingredients and supplies.  We strive to provide the best possible customer service experience, whether you are a fellow business owner or another proud pet parent.  We offer custom treats and are always happy to create something unique!