Private Label Products

Introducing our new private label program for retailers who are looking for additional ways to make your shop stand out from all the rest.  Choose from any of our eight recipes and sixteen varieties of our bulk treats and put them in the bag of your choice, with your logo and store information.  You pick the recipe, the bag size, the amount of treats, and you can even create your own product name!

By following the four steps below you can estimate and manipulate your per unit cost until you find the size(s) and flavor(s) of the treats you would like to put your logo on.  

#1 - Pick your recipe (16 varieties to choose from)

    Healthy Grains                                            
    Cinnamon Carob (Bursts or Training Treats)
    Grr-Nola (Hearts or Training Treats)
    Pizza (Circles or Training Treats)
    Pumpkin Spice (Bones or Training Treats)

     Grain Free -                                                
     Banana Nut (Bones or Training Treats)
     Cheese (Wheels or Training Treats)
     Liverdoodles (Biscuits or Training Treats)
     Pot Pie (Hearts or Training Treats)

#2 - Select your package type, color, and size –
All packages are stand up pouches with zipper closures and hang tag holes.

#3 - Select your label from “Stock” options or create a custom design with our professional graphic design partner.

#4 - Compute the per unit cost

Initial minimum order quantity: 12 units (per recipe / label design). No reorder minimums!

For additional information or to start your private label journey, contact us via phone (866-231-7297) or email (  You can also request wholesale access to our bakery website by clicking the "Request here" link beneath the login fields on our main Wholesale page.