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Cold Packs - Basic Coverage

Cold Packs - Basic Coverage

Item #: 9000B
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Add these to your order to prevent product from melting during transit.  While we guarantee our treats against breakage, we cannot guarantee them from melting unless insulated shipping is selected. 

Basic Coverage will provide a guarantee that product will arrive in good condition provided that your transit time is 3 days or less, and that temperatures do not exceed 100 degrees during transit.  Transit times that exceed 3 days or 100 degrees will require a higher level of insulation. 

Our yogurt wafers have a melting point of 100 degrees.  Our frosting will become soft and begin melting when exposed to direct sunlight or temperatures above 85 degrees.  These single use cold packs will prevent heat damage to your product during transit during the hot summer months.  This item includes one cold pack at the top and bottom of each shipping box.  Discard upon arrival.

This option is for states in the Western U.S.: WA, OR, CA, NV, ID, UT, AZ, MT, WY, CO, and NM.

To add this option to your shipment, you can also click the Basic Cold Pack checkbox during your online Check-out process.


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